Monday, February 16, 2009

Israeli Tennis Player Refused Visa to Play Tournament in Dubai

I think this story sucks.

And they waited until the last minute before denying this player's visa.


mezba said...

They are idiots who want to be a world player but have no idea how.

Anonymous said...

i do think she should not have been allowed to play
israelis wish to wipe us out anyway
not jews but israelis therefore there is no use of inviting them to our countries like we are friends

Anonymous said...

She should be refused a visa , after the massacre Israel did in Gaza it would be a security risk for her

Safiyyah said...

It's like the article stated:

"Just like that, the glitter and promise of Dubai as an emerging international sports center evaporated into the cool desert night."

Politics has, or should not have, any place in sports.

Ya Allah! Look what happened to the poor Israeli athletes in the Munich Olympics!

Do some of us Muslims have to show that we are third-world savages at every turn!

I'm so tired of it: 9/11, Madrid, London, India, suicide bombings, "honor" killings, female genital mutilation, Daniel Pearl, and the most recent infamous beheading of the wife of the Bridges TV executive!

Just because the Israelis were savages in the most recent offensive in Gaza, doesn't mean that Muslims have to engage in a "tit-for-tat" thing.

The Prophet (saw) said that we are the best of people! Let's start acting like we are. It's our responsibility no matter how any other people or government act.

It's another way of victimizing BOTH the Israelis AND the Palestinians. If the PEOPLE cannot initiate peace, how can we expect the governments to?

All of the players are behind the Israeli tennis player, but you notice that neither the players nor the WTA are doing anything about it. Yes, the Israeli athlete and her family called for calm so that the other women wouldn't be negatively affected by this "incident" but I think that if the WTA and its players had any kind of chutzpah they'd all pull out of Dubai and stand with this athlete.

One can easily understand why some countries in the Middle East have problems becoming a part of the global community and the 21st century. I agree with Mezba in this aspect.

Yasemin said...

It's not really fair to include the tennis player in this saga and ruin her paycheck and aspirations, just because of what's going on with Israel/Palestine.

It's scary to think that it's no longer just the Olympics which are overly political.

Let us pray for a day when Muslim countries get ahead by not sinking to the same lows as Westerners.

FreePalestine said...

oh for Gods sake, how many Palestinians' visas are refused daily? Im not even going to go into that but if israel dont want their peoples' visas denied, then they need to stop denying OTHERS VISAS. Esp when the land belongs to these ppl [Palestinians] yet they cant move about.

Israels the one bringing politics into everything so dont say 'it has no place in sports'.
I'm a catholic and I hate israel. Death to israel..the crimes, the injustice!! Im not even going to go into that ur eyes..put urself in a Palestinians shoe.