Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Back in the Day!

I was going through some pictures today looking for some pics for Sister Brooke.

Ha ha ... I ran across the one above.

It's one of me, around age 3 or so, on a bench in the Bronx.

Notice I was "packing heat" even back then!

OK ... it was probably a squirt gun (my mom was to fill them with Kool Aid or juice).


Jules UmmEmJoey said...

Too cute, mash'Allah!

LOL at the koolaid or juice in a squirt gun....

Anonymous said...

ahh koolaid or juice--is that why your making that face? Although I think your mom was quite brilliant, as my boys often drink from their squirt guns--I just know they would squirt other people if I filled it with some staining substance!
I'm over here poking around, looking for the Santa pic :) I'll have to come back for that latest post, inshallah. Alhumdiallah, I've haven't had time to keep up with The Blogs let alone get into to it with anyone. Live and Learn, inshallah.
Love and Peace

BMW said...

This is too cute! MashAllah!!!