Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Gaza - Atfaluna Society for Deaf Children

Sister Laila at Raising Yousuf and Noor: Diary of Palestinian Mother has put up a very beneficial post about ways to continue to help the Palestinians. Her major point is that there is SOMETHING that EVERYONE can do for Gaza if they chose.

One of the awesome projects she posted about is the Atfaluna Society for Deaf Children.

From Atfaluna's website:

"Atfaluna is the main referral and resource center for most institutions, clinics, and hospitals in the Gaza Strip. The Society serves as the Gaza coordinator of the Community Development Society for the Hearing Impaired, a coordinating body of 21 member organizations in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip working in the field of hearing loss."

How can we help this terrific organization?

Well, they have a fantastic online boutique. All these things are made by the Society and are of high quality. There's something for everyone and it's not too early to start your Eid shopping!

Please check it out and buy something. I know I'm going to, Insha Allah!


Yasemin said...

I'm on my way Safiyyah! Thanks!

Hijabis On Ranting Tour. said...

wow mashallah sister
you have a wonderfull blog
alhandulilah to god that you have been guided to the truth
mustve been dificult
love the significance of your name saifyah
the wife of the prophet (pbuh)
who also coverted from judaism
4rm ur sis in islam
naz :)
and may allah be with filisteen and all the opressed muslimeen

BMW said...

Saffiya! My husband dissed me and said it was weird so I deleted lol! I know I am probably more lax on topics that most people would consider gross. He said I would freak people out talking about 'ahem' poop. I will tell you that I cracked up when you said it was still in the feed!!! LOL!
I am about sick of Chicago weather, Alhamdulillah its not any colder though.
Hope all is well!

Safiyyah said...

@ Lisa - ah, so you are an online shopper, like me! BTW, the Vakko came; it's beautiful, Masha Allah!

@ Naz - welcome to my blog! Jazaka Allahu Khayrn for your comments. I like your blog, too!

@ Ihssan: ha ha - I like thee post. Since you are studying medicine, I think it would beneficial from time to time for you to share what you are learning with us. You can put a disclaimer at the beginning of the medical posts, i.e., "Don't think this post is weird, but I learned something this week that is beneficial ......." Actually, I was going to suggest that you do a part two - on urine. These are important topics medically. Actually, I discovered a huge problem by "looking" like you said. Alhamdulillah I was able to get medical attention quickly and get the problem resolved.

Yes - we all should be "looking" !!!

Anonymous said...

Great post! Check out http://www.sunbula.org/ as well, as Atfaluna also has an online shop through them as well as many other Palestinian craft organizations. Fair trade, people!