Sunday, May 24, 2009

Fatwaa: Exercise for Woman

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As Salaamu Alaikum My Precious Muslims Sisters:

Given all of the controversy surrounding the permissibility of certain women's health clubs in Saudi, have you wondered if you're negatively affecting your deen by going to Curves or other similar women's health clubs here in America and elsewhere?

Well my lovely flower, wonder no more.

The Saudi Gazette has published an article called Women's Exercise - A Necessity As Per Shariah that will put all of your fears and concerns to rest.

I've given you the link above to the article, but I'm sure it won't stay up too long. After all, we wouldn't want something like this to get around and become common knowledge in the Muslim world, would we?

So, here is the article:

‘Women’s exercise – a necessity as per Shariah’
By Na’eem Tamim Al-Hakim

JEDDAH – Dr. Ali Abbas Al-Hakami, a member of the Board of Senior Ulema, has said that exercise for women is not only permissible but a necessity according to Shariah.

“It is permissible for women to exercise if the intention is to maintain good health, become more active and prevent obesity, and it is a necessity according to Shariah, as exercise as a means of maintaining physical health is one of the necessities called for by Shariah,” Al-Hakami told Okaz newspaper.Al-Hakami’s comments come in the light of recent controversy surrounding the issue of all-female sports clubs, which the Shoura Council recommended be set up some time ago.

“There is nothing stopping setting up women’s sports clubs provided nothing forbidden by Shariah occurs, such as mixing with men, exposing what should not be exposed, and other issues forbidden by Shariah,” Al-Hakami said.

“What is feared is that opening sports clubs will eventually lead to clubs where men and women mix which is forbidden. Keeping women’s exercise to the rules of Shariah is required, and exercise also becomes recommended, provided it abides by Shariah rules.”

Another member of the Board of Senior Ulema, Sheikh Abdullah Bin Suleiman Al-Manee’, agrees with Al-Hakami. – Okaz/SG

Okay, so there you have it, sisters.

You can proudly show this article to your husbands or other male members of your household just in case they only saw the original articles associated with all the controversy.

You know - just in case that they think you get enough exercise caring for the kids, homeschooling, working an outside job, cooking, cleaning, shopping, schepping the kids from here to there, gardening, caring for aging parents, going to school, running from the stove to the bed, and otherwise preventing the angels from being angry with you.

Just remember to be respectful. Re-education requires patience.


WhiteOrchid said...

How typical of saudi to react this way to any suggestions regarding women. How they could think that it would lead to intermingling of the sexes i really do not understand.

Brooke said...

Wow, I did realize the possible, future, some-where-down-the-line, intermingling was The Big Issue. That's mostly what I hear about driving too, but I had thought with the health clubs the possibility of nudity whould be The Big Issue as woman do tend to do that in gyms, and especially with concerns of people taping it. Sigh. I do miss my gym-going days, it's just so complicated/expensive with a bunch of little kids, alhumdiallah we do go walking and biking togther, but I still miss the fancy weight equipment.

Brooke said...

arg-meant didn't realize!

sabiwabi said...

"and otherwise preventing the angels from being angry with you."
and otherwise preventing the angels from being angry with you.

I think those angels need to get a better hobby........I never liked that hadith.

sabiwabi said...

sorry for pasting that quote twice.
But wait...then again, doesn't it just seem to work? LOL

Yasemin said...

It's like they're saying you CAN exercise and they understand the imporance of heart disease in women. But in effect, how many women will actually go once they start worrying about intermingling the sexes?

I go to Premiere Lady Fitness here in Austin. They have a partition so if the UPS guy enters, he can't see us. The classes are great, and they even have a pool.

Unfortunately, older ladies use it mostly to gossip, not do laps, but hey....

Love you Safiyyah, I have the feeling your gardening is plenty of exercise in itself.

Sakina Al-Amin said...

Welcome to Islam. (Whenever you did!). May Allah bless you.