Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Hijabs Around the House

In the drawers:

On the dresser:

In the laundry room (gardening hijab):

In the downstairs entryway (downstairs salaat hijab):

Answer-the-door hijab (keeping my daff company!):

Upstairs in the bedroom (salaat hijab):

Waiting to be put away hijabs:

Where are your hijabs?


Anonymous said...

Assalamu alaikom,
And I thought I had a lot of scarves. ;) Mine are all in the same place, in my dresser drawers. I kept meaning to have a by-the-door hijab but never got around to figuring out a nice place to stick it... Not many strangers knock on my door anyway, usually if someone's at the door, it's cuz I'm expecting them. :)

al-Ghariba said...

LOOOOL. thats a lot of hijabs. Send me some, I only have 2, and they are both black. (it is due to a case of severe dislike of shopping).

Safiyyah said...

Salaams Eyes Serene:

Ha ha ... mine end up all over the house no matter how much I try to be neat :)

Salaams al-Ghariba:

Ha ha ... I have ended up with a lot of hijabs because I wear black jilbab and other clothing 99% of the time. So, I like to have color in my hijabs! Send me your address by private email and I will send you some, Insha Allah :)

My email: Jihadlevine at Yahoo dot com

I'm not a huge shopper either, but I buy the hijabs in Philly and also when we go to the halal store!

Since Muslim women cover our hair, I think hijabs are kind of like an extension/replacement for the pride we used to have for our hair. That's why so many of us like lovely scarves. Does that make sense?

My first hijab after I said the Shahadah was a white amira-type :) They are great for by-the-door.

Ha ha - I should post a pic of my hijab pins :)

Anonymous said...

The (black) soap trick! 'Round here we have been having semi-annual Hijab swaps and they work out really fabulously! We have a tea and everyone brings their hijabs and modest clothing and well, actually that keeps expanding to more stuffs, and then we rummage through and get "new-to-me" scarves and stuff. Great fun--not that I'm saying you need to do that ;)
Anyhoo. I finally got around to this, and I would really love to hear even a peep from you about it:
Love and Peace,

Asha said...


MasyaAllah, you really have a lot of hijaabs! Haha.. and I thought my sister has hijaabs enough for the entire ummah but masyaAllah, I think you have more.Lol!

Anyway, I like all the different coloured hijaab! I'm boring, I wear only plain hijaab because I'm too lazy to match and maybe because I don't carry it too well as well :S

Yasemin said...

Assalaam Alaikum,

I am LOVING the paisely prints! Mashallah, you have so many cute ones dear. I like that your husband is okay with their different areas :) Mine expects me to leave mine in a single drawer, though there are a few on closet shelves. I can't wait to see your abayas and everything about your house :) Mashallah I just love it! Love you endlessly!

Safiyyah said...

Salaams Asha and Lisa:

LOL, I've been a Muslim since 1998, Alhamdulillah, and having been buying hijabs ever since. Plus, I was a professional before I was retired and needed to look decent at all times.

The paisley ones are a nice fabric, no exactly cotton, but a mixture or a high quality poly. Kind of like rayon. They lay nicely. Wherever I go, I buy hijabs, lol.

PerplxinTexan♥ said...

my hijabs are apparently at your house. I'll pay shipping and handling if your looking to rid yourself of a few ;)

Safiyyah said...

Salaams al-Ghariba and P Texan:

Seriously! Send me your address by private email and I will send them. I'll even pay the S&H for the sake of Allah (swt)

My email is Jihadlevine at yahoo dot com

@ Anonymous: yea, the black soap trick, lol. I always store my soap in my clothing drawers. Makes the clothing smell nice!

Also, I have heard of these hijab swaps. Some sisters even do them for fundraisers. Unfortunately, I have read about some sisters who do not even wash their hijabs before giving them away, yuk!

Anonymous said...

Assalamu Alekium,

If you go to Philly to buy your hijab then we probably are not very far from one another! Let's have tea and do a swap...I make jewelry, too! :)

Please keep blogging and I will keep reading. :)

Safiyyah said...

Salaams Noorsjourney:

That sounds like a plan, Insha Allah! I'll email you Insha Allah the next time I go there.


Anonymous said...

salam from Malaysia,
heheh.. i tought i'm the only one doing this.
i have my hijab everywhere! :p
i need more space! :)