Tuesday, May 12, 2009


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Surah 103 Al-'Asr, 1-3 (The Time)

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Merciful

By Al-'Asr (the time). Verily, man is in loss, Except those who believe (in Islamic Monotheism) and do righteous good deeds, and recommend one another to the truth {i.e., order one another to perform all kinds of good deeds (Al-Ma'ruf) which Allah has ordained, and abstain from all kinds of sins and evil deeds (Al-Munkar) which Allah has forbidden}, and recommend one another to patience (for the sufferings, harms, and injuries which one may encounter in Allah's Cause during preaching His religion of Islamic Monotheism or Jihad).


Jules UmmEmJoey said...

Asalaam alaikum,

Love the picture! It reminds me of Dali's melty clocks :-)

My class on salah discussed the significance of each of the prayers and this was mentioned when we talked about Asr.

noona said...

assalamu alaikum dear sis,
thanks you're so sweet :) I hope you're doing well