Sunday, January 18, 2009

Tell Obama What You Think About Israeli-Gaza Issues

The President-Elect has a website called Change.Gov.

There is page with all kinds of issues related to Israel, Gaza, and most importantly, aid to Israel.

Go here to see the issues and be sure to vote and make your voice heard.


BMW said...

Asaalamu Alaikum!
I am just stopping by to give my 'saalams'
-Ihssan :)

Safiyyah said...

Salaams my Dear Ihssan! Thanks for stopping by!

Avi said...

Here is what I would like to tell Obama about the Mid-East:

"Butt Out!!!!"

Safiyyah said...

Shaalom BK:

Yes, we in America would also like our government to "butt out" - we want the government to stop sending millions of dollars to the Israeli military and also to subsidized mortgages in Israel. Especially now since US citizens are losing our homes to foreclosures while we are subsidizing mortgages for Israelis.

Yes, BK. Obama: Butt out!!! Let Israel manage on their own.