Sunday, January 04, 2009

Genocide Language

I was half listening to CNN tonight while checking email.

Brig. General David Grange (Retired), CNN Military Analyst, was talking with host Don Lemon about Gaza. When I heard the following statement, my head snapped up:

"The military is only one stage of the final solution."

Now: where have we heard those words before? "Final Solution?"


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Anonymous said...

oh my God. It's so interesting and so SHOCKING at the same time.
You got the point so quickly BTW that you could relate the two events..
May Allah save Gazans from evil..

Hijabee said...

I'm so shocked that I don't even know what to say!I will never understand how the world was able to sit and watch while this massacre is going on! I am ashamed!

Safiyyah said...

@ Shahrzaad: I came to Islam from Judaism. As a Jew, certain words are phrases are radio active.

Another one is "Yehudi". Many Arabs consider this word as common place. And Allah (swt) uses this word in the Qur'an (but in a specific contest). However, many use the word "Yehudi" as a slim word, kind of like the way the word "kuffar" has become. "Yehudi" is a word that hurts most Jewish people when hearing it spoken.

@ Hijabee: Yeah, right?! I am so ashamed that the US was the only hold out on the UN Security committee. Ya Allah.