Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spring: I'm Ready for a Change!

 I'll give you a break for a moment (just a moment) from the Istanbul pictures, and share with you some of what I'm thinking and feeling today.

Spring is in the air in the northeast United States.  Everything is starting to bloom and color is everywhere.

I clean off my front porch and went to buy leftover Easter flowers.  After they finish, I can plant them on the side of the house.  Sitting in my porch rocking chair, I am enjoying the flower scent that whiffs by my nose, carried by an unusual warm spring breeze.

The flowers remind me of Istanbul; tulips and other flowers are everywhere!  Last year we were there at the end of February and it was PrimeRose season.  April is tulip season.  The Turks have planted them everywhere in Istanbul, alongside the roads, and in planters ... I'll bet they invested in thousands and thousands of tulip bulbs.  The reward is displays like this:

Yeah, I'm glad it's Spring and am ready for the change that comes with it. 

With everything going on in the world, I'm ready for something different.

Wildfires, tornadoes, floods ...

Libya, Palestine, Syria ...

And Obama and the "Birther" issue.  If his birth certificate exists like many maintain, including people who claim that they saw it, why doesn't this guy (Obama) just show it to us and get it over with already?  Jeez!  What bullshit.

So - I'm psyched and ready for the royal wedding on Friday!!!  For one day, I'd like to experience a fantasy and forget about everything going on until at least Saturday :)  It makes me really feel my age to think back on how I watched the wedding of Prince William's parents :(

Okay, that's it :)  Back to the Istanbul photographs!

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Rosa Smith said...

Nice house! Just like American style but the things that get my attention are the color and the gardens 'cause help this structure to looks a a real house.