Thursday, April 07, 2011

(Outside Mural at Masjid Al-Aqsa
Germantown Avenue
Philadelphia, PA)
Copyright 2011, S. E. Jihad Levine
All Rights Reserved


DSK said...

I love the picture! mashaAllah!
By the way, you have been given an inspiration award at my blog, check it out when you have time!
I especially loved your post called "Can You Defend Islam" fiance read it too and loved it! :)

Maryam K said...

DSK, Hi Sister, glad to see you here!

I've also give you an inspiration award, I loved reading your 'Holy land belongs to everyone' post. You've put some hard work into this blog!

Blessing and love, Maryam

Julia said...

I drive by this mural every day! Very beautiful.

Safiyyah said...

@ DSK and Maryam K: JAK dear sissies! You've both made an old lady happy :)

@ Julia: It is a beautiful mural, eh? One day Insha Allaah, I hope to get the whole mural. I only go to Philly every other month or so. When I'm there, there's usually cars parked in front of the mural and I can't get a clear shot. One day, Allaah will clear the street for me :)