Monday, April 19, 2010

Morning Dua

Oh Allaah,
Get me all the way down safely.


NtN said...


When I was younger and in the throes of my neuropathy, I used to sled down the stairs on a pillow and blankets. It was great fun and very rarely ended in injury or disaster. Probably not an optimal solution though :-P

आपका अख्तर खान अकेला said...

janab assalaaam o alekum aadaab i am akhtar khan akela advocate from kota rajasthan india pl. write me about arabic talaaq law and second marriage in islaam.

Anonymous said...

O Allah, please make sure she gets down safely everyday because I LOVE THAT SISTER! :)


Safiyyah said...

@ Noor -- oh Noor, I may have to end up doing that soon

@ Akhtar -- huh?

@ Sabiwabi -- Oh Sabi, you know how much I love you, too! JAK for your lovely dua!

Uni said...

Ameen :)