Monday, March 29, 2010

Dreary Monday ... and Thoughts About Water

As Salaamu Alaikum and Greetings of Peace to All Who May Read Me Today!

It rained like crazy last night, and is still raining a bit as a I write. To most people, rain makes for a dreary day. We complain that the bad weather keeps us indoors, preventing us from enjoying the sunshine.

But the Muslim doesn't, or shouldn't, complain about rain because we know that rain is a mercy from Allah swt.

Allah swt tells us in the Qur'an, An-Nur: 43, "See you not that Allah drives the clouds gently, then joins them together, then makes them into a heap of layers."

(Rain clouds dissipating over the Sea of Marmara in Istanbul, Turkey, shortly after Shuruq)

After the clouds, comes the rain.

"It is He Who sends down water from the sky, and with it We bring forth vegetation of all kinds." Al-An'am: 99

(Tomatoes from my 2009 harvest, Masha Allah!)

It is supposed to rain here on and off for a few days, but toward the end of the week, we are expecting warm temperatures and sunshine, Insha Allah. I am so excited for my flowers to come up. The other day, I was driving in "town" and there were daffodils everywhere. Mine are still in bud.

("Morning Drink" - My orchid after getting its morning spritz)

We had a lot of snow in the northeast United States, so we don't have the drought conditions that we have occasionally had due to lack of abundant snow over the winter. Actually, in some areas, like New Jersey, they have had severe flooding lately.

But for the most part, the Muslim welcomes rain storms that fill the rivers, lakes, streams, oceans, seas, and reservoirs.

(Seagulls over the Bosporus, Istanbul, Turkey)

Allah swt tells us, "He it is Who sends down water from the sky; from it you drink." An-Nahl: 10

Outside of my office window at the prison Chapel, there is a beautiful fruit tree. The inmates are not permitted to eat from that tree (sound familiar, lol?!), but they do. The tree has such beautiful, fragrant blossoms, Masha Allah. He said,

"See you not that Allah sends down water from the sky, and we produce therewith fruits of various colors." Fatir: 27

One of my sisters in Islam lives about a half an hour from me, and her husband planted beautiful fruit trees in their yard. The sister makes jams and preserves which are very good, Alhamdulillah.

I have roto-tilled my old garden behind my garage, and have extended it clear across my property. The new area will get more sunshine, and it will also give me the opportunity to plant more. I bought a nice chest freezer and put it in the garage last year. So, Insha Allah, more vegetables and herbs to freeze and to share with neighbors and friends!

In the current issue of National Geographic, they have highlighted many of the global water problems.

A number of these problems exist in Muslim lands ... Palestine, Syria, Jordan ... countries in Africa, etc.

The problems are caused by water-wars, droughts, and pollution, etc. Many people around the globe would fall on their knees and thank Allah swt for rain.

Next time you are faced with a rainy day, grab a cup of coffee or tea and your Qur'an, and go sit on your porch glider and give thanks to Allah swt.

... just some thoughts on a not-so-dreary rainy Monday morning by a grateful Muslim!
(Coastal masjid along the Bosporous in Istanbul, Turkey)


NtN said...

I think rain is the best part of living in the US. It's so beautiful and peaceful, music from Allah SWT :)

Rukhpar Mor said...


I love rain!!! Though, one thing about where I live is that it rains in the winter...I actually prefer summer rain. =)

mezba said...

Salaam.. I love these Turkish mosques, your pictures make me want to go there now!

Rains it IS a blessing, however I am perfectly fine having it rain on weekdays and not weekends! Or in cities I am going to visit ! :-)