Monday, January 11, 2010

How to Stiffle the Creativity of Children

The other day we had to combine our pre-school and kindergarten classes because one of the teacher's couldn't come to Sunday School.

When we have to do this, we ask that the moms come into the kindergarten class with their pre-school children because I can't watch them all at once.

The children were coloring a picture of Allah's gifts. The picture had a sky, sun, house, yard, parents, children, etc. When the kids finished, each one was supposed to take a turn and tell the others which of Allah's gifts he/she was grateful for.

One of the little boys, about 4 years old, was having a marvelous time coloring. He was smiling and scribbling with joy!

When his mom saw what he was doing, she started to say things to him like, "No, Jamil, the sun isn't green," and "No, Jamil, grass isn't red," and "Jamil, color inside of the lines."

I saw little Jamil's face do a total turnabout. He wasn't smiling anymore, and it seems like he ceased having fun. Everytime he colored something, he would look up at her to ensure that he had "done good."

I felt so sad.

Why not let the kid have fun? I know it's important to teach a child that the sun is yellow and the grass is green, but jeez, why not let the kid have fun?

I'm not a professional teacher, but even I could see that the whole objective of the coloring exercise was spoiled a bit for this little boy.

Sigh ...

Dear Readers: here's hoping that your sun is green and your grass is red - for many days to come!


ergun caner said...

good article, very detailed.

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NtN said...

Awww, that's sad. Kids need to have green suns and red grass in their lives. Maybe don't ask that mom again?

أبو سنان said...

Good points. I try to guide the boys in a more positive way. A parent can provide guidance and not have to do so in a manner than shuts their children down.

Sayf has a great imagination and I ecourage it to no end.