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World Aids Day

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Originally published in The Body Positive: A Magazine By and For People Affected by HIV/AIDS
January 1993

Written on World AIDS Day in 1992
for My Friend, Ramon
Sunrise: 6/11/56 - Sunset: 5/18/92

Ramoncito, mi Querido,
in your all-knowing way,
you said to me one day,
"You're going to miss me
when I'm gone."

Ramoncito, mi Querido,
I said to you, "No."
that I wouldn't be sad when you go,
that I would celebrate
your release from AIDS.

Ramoncito, mi Querido,
You were right!!!
To survive without you is a daily fight.
AIDS has released you,
but it continues to incarcerate me.

Ramoncito, mi Querido,
I sit alone in a spiritual prison cell like a thief.
The only crime I'm guilty of is grief.
You were so right.
I miss you!!!

Ramoncito, mi Querido,
I pray, beg, plead, and cajole
in vain with my God to grant me parole,
But, I guess I might have to serve my full sentence;
only then will He set me free.

Ramoncito, mi Querido,
you have given me something to share with others.
Our experience will benefit all sisters and brothers
and the people in their lives
who live with AIDS.

Ramoncito, mi Querido,
I love you, and I miss you.
I don't know what else to do
except to make sure that
our message is carried on.

Tu cuidadora en vida y tu amiga para siempre ...

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