Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Where's the Christmas Tree?

This is a picture of me and Santa Claus. On the back is scribbled, "3 1/2 years old." I recognize the handwriting as belonging to my mother. Since my family lived in New York City when I was that age, this picture was most likely taken in a Manhattan department store. One of the best gifts left to me by family is a rich photographic history of my childhood. I was the first child in my Jewish family. And I was also the first grandchild. So, if I burped, they photographed it! My mother was a Christian, and the annual ritual of taking a photo with Santa is well documented. I have a whole series of them!

The Christmas holiday season can be a source of anxiety and pain for some Muslim re-verts. It was for me at the time I wrote this article. It used to be real painful for me due to childhood memories, and due to not feeling truly a part of my Muslim community.

Alhamdulillah, I have worked through those kinds of issues. It doesn't bother me anymore that the Muslims in my community don't invite me to Eid parties or iftars. I must admit that I get invited RARELY, so I can't say never.

It also doesn't bother me anymore when I go to the mall or someplace else and see all of the Christmas decorations and all. As a matter of fact, it bothers me when I don't see them.

Today, I went up on the "strip" where the mall and the stores are to go to my bank and to run some errands. My bank had absolutely NO decorations at all. I asked the teller, "Where's your Christmas tree?" She smirked and grunted. Apparently, my bank is another casualty of the atheists, some minority faith group members, and the ACLU in America.

Come on. This is America. What's wrong with the Christians painting the town red during their Christmas holiday? What's wrong with the Jews having public Channukah displays? Or the Muslims having Eid displays? Or anyone else having any other type of display?

Don't the atheists and others who have a problem with religious displays have the majority of the year to have NOTHING displayed?

Can you imagine Egypt or Saudi or any Muslim populated country not having the town deocrated during Ramadan and Eid?

Jeez - even the American Nazi party has a constitutional right to march in parades in America.

It makes me mad. Diversity used to be valued in America. Now, it's dog against dog.

When I arrived at the mall, I saw Santa Claus sitting on his chair. Little children were going up to him, sitting on his lap, and telling him what they wanted him to bring them for Christmas. The mall was also offering the opportunity to be pictured with Santa.

I'm telling you: I had an overwhelming urge to wait my turn, sit on Santa's lap, and tell him that I wanted peace in the world or some other dumb wish for the Christmas season. I wanted a photo, too.

What a photo that would be to add to my collection of childhood Santa photos? Can you see it now? Me: hijab and all, sitting in Santa's lap, loool?

Hmm ... I may do it yet. If I do, I'll post the picture.

Would you like me to do it?

Haram police: please stay away.


AlabasterMuslim said...

awww if only it was a girl who dressed up as santa! I don't know if you should sit on an old man's lap. haha. But really, that would be soo funny.

Nikki said...

Personally, I'd like you to do it. Islamically, it's not my place to say whether it's proper to sit on a fat man's lap or not, lol.

One of my classes this semester was in the Math Library of our school. There was a small Christmas tree and some little paper cutout Christmas trees decorating the door window. Well, someone called my teacher out on it stating that it was a 'public library' and could not display such things.

Really now. Who cares! If you're offended by a tree, you're offended too easily! The Christmas tree disappeared and the window decorations changed to snowmen and snowflakes.

The ruling on Christmas decorations doesn't seem to be universal. all the banks in my town are decorated, as well as the public library in town. I guess since I attend a state university their attempting to be more politically correct.

And the atheists. I had a lot of atheist friends in high school. They're all gungho for Christmas, but then throw a fit about the pledge of allegiance mentioning God.

I'll never understand.

mezba said...

I don't mind Christmas decorations. Rather than banning all decorations, we should include ALL decorations. They only offend if your faith is not strong enough to begin with.

srizals said...

I would prefer if U sat on a lap of someone that is forbidden for U to marry or even better, the one that is halal for U. Why don't dress him up in Santa's uniform, that would be nicer n more appropriate I guess.

There's nothing wrong about having a past. It what made U what U are. Stronger and wiser than before. Islam is just a complement to a wonderful being you're truly are. A beautiful reminiscence.

dreams said...

I like your post!

I was born Muslim. But I like Christmas decoration very much. The Christmas lightening at night are my favorite!