Thursday, April 16, 2009

Muslim Crew Member of the Maerst Alabama

Zahid Reza - AP Photo

The crew members of the Maersk Alabama ship that was attacked by the Somali pirates are returning home.

And they are talking about their ordeal.

As I was passing by my TV this afternoon, one particular interview on CNN stopped me in my tracks.

At least one of the crew members is a Muslim. His name is Zahid Reza.

Zahid Reza was telling the news anchors that he intended to stab and kill one of the Somali pirates.

The pirate's name is Abdul.

Part of Zahid's conversation with Abdul went something like this:

"Trust me. We're both Muslims. I'm from Bangladesh, but we are brothers."

Shortly after that, Zahid was able to stab Abdul, but he didn't kill him like he intended. He stabbed him in the hand.

I can't imagine being placed in the position to have to make a decision whether or not to hurt or kill another Muslim.

I also can't imagine having to ask another Muslim for his trust knowing that my intention is to betray him.

Now, I know - you will say that he was defending his ship, that the pirates were in the wrong, that perhaps the pirate was going to kill him, etc. etc.

I'm just saying that the conflict would be major for me.

As some of you know, I work in a prison. I am always at risk to be hurt or taken hostage by an inmate - including a Muslim inmate.

What would I do?

I don't know.

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Yasemin said...

I think when faced with the decision, many will fight to live. Any way they can. Even if it means killing him.

You may be willing to stand in front of your child and take that bullet. But, for a man who may be Muslim in name only for all we know, I don't think I would. I can understand your conflict though Safiyyah. I hope that nothing like this ever happens in the prison. Love you lots.