Sunday, July 27, 2008

Locking Up Allah's House

Thank you to my readers (if there's anyone left!) for your patience. I didn't expect to be gone from blogging this long, but the move to the new home has been a real jihad. But Alhamdulillah for the blessing of a new home! I have been trying to unpack boxes, get adjusted, clean, etc., and it has been difficult due to my physical situation and no help. Ya Allah! But anyhow:

My husband went to the masjid last Friday for Jumuah. And the masjid was locked. No one was there. It also happened one other time in July where he had gone to the masjid for Jumuah and no one showed up.

The first issue is the locking up of Allah's (swt) house. I really do understand the need in certain areas for locking the masjid. Our masjid has had it's share of vandalism, etc.

But if "those in charge" of the masjid are going to lock it, shouldn't one of them assume the responsibility of opening it for the salaat and Jumuah prayers?

Shouldn't at least ONE person assume responsibility for being there at these times?

Some brothers who visit our masjid regularly from out-of-town have been given keys to the masjid. This is like saying, "Well brother, salaat in the masjid and Jumuah is hit-or-miss here. But you can have a key for when you come around and we're not here."

What about those Muslims who consistently participate at our masjid, but who have not been given the "honor" of having a key to Allah's (swt) house? For example, I have assumed the responsibility of starting an Islamic library for the children of this masjid. I asked for a key so I could get in when I had time to arrange the books and do work in the library. I was sent around-the-mountain to various people in the masjid until I got frustrated and took the hint. Why don't these people come straight out and tell me that they don't want me to have a key? Ya Allah! I belong to a Yahoo group for Muslims from the masjids in all the surrounding areas. One new Muslim posted that she went to such-and-such masjid and it too was locked and no one was around. What kind of message does this give to the new Muslim? What kind of masjid is it when no one shows up for salaat and Jumuah?
Another issue with the locking of the masjid concerns when we have special events. One time, we received an email that the masjid would be having a "family night". Alhamdulillah, a good thing. The email stated that it would start at 4:30 p.m. At that time, the Asr prayer was around 5 p.m. or so. So I figured that they would open the doors at 4:30 p.m., as stated in the email, and that we would all be able to make our Asr salaat in congregation. Well, NO ONE showed up until AFTER the Asr prayer!!! Someone finally showed up with a key after 5:30 or so. Other people started to drift in around 6 p.m. Due to the locking of the masjid, I have had to adjust to "third-world time". Whatever time they tell you to show up means that you should add an hour to it. A 5 p.m. function becomes 6 p.m. and so forth.
Am I frustrated? You bet I am.
Another thing that frustrates me?
WTF doesn't Blogger format paragraphs correctly?
Rant done ...


Adventurous Ammena said...

this annoys me too :( I wanted to take a friend from out of town to a big mosque up here... twice they were closed. I felt so silly!! why??!! I also have an issue with time keeping. Ive always been a rather early than late person.. wasnt this the sunnah of our prophet to turn up at least on time?? what is the world coming to when ppl think that other peoples time isnt as valuable as their own? subhanallah.
Oh, and... Im still here :) alhamdulillah youre back

Happy Muslim Mama said...

Assalam-alaikam Sister Safiyyah,
I've never heard of a mosque closed for Jummah salaah - doesn't that kind of defeat the purpose.

I agree with Sister Ammena about respecting the sunnah regarding timekeeping at least when it comes to the mosque.

Blogger drives me mad, I have to go back and edit posts half a dozen times to get the paragraphs right before I just give up. The blogger-bods should take note.

Glad you're settling in bit by bit.

iMuslimah said...

Salams Saff-

i dont always get correctly formatted paragraphs either. Its hit or miss.

Re: Masjid, that is so sad, that it is not open when it should be. I can understand locking between prayers, especially at night, but it is not good for the ummah.

Why dont they post a schedule? Maybe peeps can volunteer to open it?

Are you in the US?

house the new house?