Saturday, November 02, 2013

NAPHOPOMO National Photo Posting Month

Hello Folks!

Read over at Chookooloonks' blog that November is National Photo Posting Month, or NAPHOPOMO.

Go over there and check out the details.

The idea is for photographers to post a photograph a day for each day during the month of November.  As usual, I am a day late, but I'm gonna participate!

If you want, you can, too.  Go over there, and add you name.  You can post your images to your blog, website, Flickr, Instagram, wherever.

Here's my first image, actually Day 2, November 2, 2013.  Not necessarily works of art for me, but exercises in seeing and disciplining myself to use my cameras on a daily basis:

Kitty: wherever you are, she wants to be.  And she wants to lie down right in the middle of whatever you're doing! (taken with an iPad)

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