Sunday, June 12, 2011

Anybody Out There?

                                                  (Israeli Apartheid Wall)

Israel built a Separation Wall between them and the Palestinians.

The reason: for "security," to prevent suicide bombers from walking from the Occupied Palestinian Terror-tories to Israel.

The UN International Court of Justice has ruled Israel's barrier illegal, stating that it violates international law, and that it should be torn down. 

The Apartheid Wall is a huge fitnah for both Palestinians and Israelis.  But most of all, for the Palestinian people.

Have you ever seen it?  Maybe you have seen snippets of it on the Internet.

Blogger, "northshorewoman" has a cyber walk along this wall posted on her blog. 

Here's YOUR chance to take a walk alongside this wall.  You MUST see this video.  You HAVE TO witness this.  Especially if you're an American.  After all, your tax money has contributed to it.  Are you okay with that?

But watch the video for yourself (second video in her post):

northshorewoman: a cyber saha through the West Bank: "I went for a cyber walk through parts of the West Bank today. I was not expecting to, but in the manner of a saha , I aimlessly wandered the..."

Anyone listening?  Anyone out there? 

To borrow a slogan from the HIV AIDS movement:  Silence = Death.

Silencio = Muerte

Oh, and while you're at it, go to American Jew Lucas Koerner's blog.  Read his words, see his images, and watch a video about how HIS PEOPLE treated him in Israel while he was there protesting on Jerusalem Day - all because he does not agree with their measures regarding the Palestinian "problem" and dared to peacefully express his views.

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Rosa Smith said...

It's a shame how the hate between nations can get to actions like this. A wall. I think that people have to start to make conscience about this.
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