Sunday, October 24, 2010

Oh, The Joys of Google'ing Your Name

Forum fraught with misconceptions - Letters - News Item

Since the comments are "closed" for the letter written in the above link, I thought I'd respond to it on my own turf:

Mr. Charles H. Shuey, you said:

"And Levine seemed to forget that Muslim women are not allowed to vote, drive a car, obtain an education, or appear in public unescorted, among numerous other barbaric restrictions."

For the record, sir:

I am a registered Republican and "you betcha," I vote!

I not only drive, but I own my own car!

I have a Bachelors degree and various professional certifications!

I am very visible in public!  If you remember, you saw me at the forum unescorted!

Any other "barbaric misconceptions" I can clear up for you?

You cannot paint the entire Muslim world with such a wide brush. The result is exactly what you have written: "fraught with misconception."

Insha Allah Mr. Shuey, you will Google yourself and see this.  In case you miss this, I'll mention this over on Facebook, too.


AlabasterMuslim said...

LOL! Mashallah good job sis. Its hilarious how some people feel the need to attack muslim women, WHEN THEY HONESTLY HAVE NO IDEA WHAT ISLAM ALLOWS WOMEN!

iMuslimah said...


The link didn't bring me to the article ;(

Ignorance, ignorance, ignorance. Statements like those are the result of individuals relying on only the media and the opinions of others, and not taking the time to check the facts.

It's very sad. What's it going to take to open the hearts and minds of others????

Salaams dear sis,

iMuslimah & Co.

iMuslimah said...

PS I googled you and the article did not present itself.

Safiyyah said...

The link works for me, but a few others say they can't get to it. So, here's the article:

To the editor: It appears that those in attendance at the forum on the proposed New York City mosque, which was held Clark's Grove United Methodist Church, are under some misconceptions.

First, no one is arguing that Muslims don't have the right to build a mosque anywhere they choose, in accordance with local codes and ordinances. The Constitution clearly gives them the right to do so, and there are already an estimated hundred or so mosques in New York. The question is, why does it have to be at that particular location?

Think about it. Just a block or so away, almost three thousand Americans lost their lives in an attack orchestrated by radical Muslim terrorists. The victims left behind thousands of friends and family members, whose pain will never go away. Why do they feel the need to rub salt in an already painful wound, by building the mosque at that particular location?

President Obama, and other supporters of this dubious project, have stressed the need to "reach out to the Muslim community." They talk about "tolerance" and "good will."

In my opinion, these concepts are a two-way street. Why don't Muslims "reach out" to the families and friends of the victims of the 9/11 attacks, by building the mosque at another location? Why not show some "good will" by deferring to the wishes of the vast majority of Americans, who are against this ill-advised location?

At the Clark's Grove meeting, Aron Carter suggested that the mosque be viewed as a "reconciliation piece." What is it, Mr. Carter, that we Americans have to "reconcile?" Are we supposed to grovel at the feet of the Muslim terrorists, so they don't attack us again? I think most Americans know who needs to "reconcile."

Mr. Carter also said that some are viewing such a building as a "victory mosque." I believe that is an accurate depiction. The project is now referred to as "Park 51." That was not always the case. It was originally dubbed by its developers as "The Cordoba Initiative." "Cordoba" is the name of a battle which is well- known by Muslims. It refers to a battle in which Muslims defeated the Spanish. At the site of the victory, they erected a large mosque, which is their custom, according to research. Is that why the Imam is insisting on the site near ground zero? Do they consider it "conquered ground?"

The meeting was attended by S.E. Jihad Levine, a Muslim chaplain, who saw fit to point out that, for Muslims, "killing our children is a sin," while abortion is legal in America. What a surprise that Levine would use the occasion to take a shot at America. While the abortion issue is regrettably true, it seems that Levine is selective in her criticism.

As I write this letter, there is a Muslim woman sitting in an Iranian prison, waiting to be stoned to death for the crime of (gasp) adultery. Recently, that same woman was taken out and publicly lashed 99 times on her bare back. Why? Because a British tabloid published a picture of a Muslim woman appearing in public without her veil, and the woman was mistakenly identified as the imprisoned woman. And Levine seemed to forget that Muslim women are not allowed to vote, drive a car, obtain an education, or appear in public unescorted, among numerous other barbaric restrictions.

I suppose everyone is entitled to their opinion. As for me, I have grown tired of hearing about how we, as Americans, must practice tolerance, outreach, goodwill, etc. America is the greatest country in the world. We do more good in the world than anyone else. We provide more aid than anyone else. We offer more opportunities than anyone else. If you don't like it here, get out.

Charles H. Shuey
Coal Township

Safiyyah said...
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Safiyyah said...
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Safiyyah said...
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Safiyyah said...
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Safiyyah said...

Jeez - as you see, when I posted the article, it posted itself four times, lol. Perhaps their site is having problems.

Anyhow, iMuslimah! I miss being called "Saf." You know the only other person who calls me Saf is Brandy. How's the baby?

Adil said...

Dissapointing as it is to read such articles, it very much represents the media created mentality of a lot of people today. Its a very unfortunate situtation, coz they dont know what they dont know, and what they know is just ignorant propaganda. They fail to realize the atrocities that are being committed right now, at this very moment, in the name of US ... and what is going to be the aftermath of that ...
Also, going by their own reason, did everyone stop building churches in towns where KKK did lynchings and other acts of terror?
Wasnt that also a bunch of radicals from a religious group?


Fadiosis said...

You're amazing ♥... *Hugs*

mezba said...

There should be a "like" on this post!