Sunday, November 15, 2009


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I was at an interfaith event today. It was actually a very beautiful experience.

After it was over, people were milling around, talking ...

Someone actually said to me, "If I were you, when September 11th happened, I would have ripped that rag off my head and said I didn't want anything more to do what that religion."

Jeez ... what is it with people?

Major Hasan?

The 9/11 trials in New York City?

The masjid assets being taken over as a result of Iranian money?

The GITMO prisoners moving to Illinois?

The Virginia sniper execution?

Since the Major Hasan horror, I feel a little like I did after 9/11 happened ... scared ... tired ... sooo tired.

A rag is such a dirty thing. My hijab is not a dirty thing.

"This is not a rag, ma'am," I replied. "It's called a hijab."

How else can you respond to such an offense without being offensive yourself?


Stacy K. said...

Ouch! I can't believe you had someone call your hijab a "rag" to your face. Its important to be calm and rational, but wow, some people are shockingly ignorant.

iMuslimah said...

Apparently the interfaith gathering did not penetrate this persons mind.

How awful!

I would have been offended.

Salams sis,


otowi said...

It is amazing how words, even stupid ignorant ones, or maybe especially those, can hurt.

AlabasterMuslim said...

After that, I don't think I would have thought about the other person's feelings and would say exactly what I felt. But, it was good you stayed calm.

Banana Anne said...

Dang, and at an interfaith event too. What chutzpah! Your response was perfect, though, exactly how Muslims should act: calm, non-judgemental, and sincere, even if we feel like telling someone off.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I am sorry for you but i must also admit that i am quiet happy to be safe here in this Muslim country, even though i have all the means and visas to live in USA.

On a side note, well yes.... being calm and non-judgemental is great idealism...

But do you think this nasty lady would have said such a heinous comment to a black muslim sister in black neighbourhood, hell no!!! So having some muscle works some time...

My answer to this nasty lady is "Tell that to the Devil when you meet him, ha ha ha "

Yusuf Smith said...

As-Salaamu 'alaikum,

Sister, I posted a comment at "Wheelie Catholic" which linked to this, on an entry about another interfaith project for people with disabilities. Here's the link (second comment down).

Safiyyah said...

Wa Alaikum As Salaam Dear Yusuf:

JAK ... I went over there and posted a comment, too.