Wednesday, September 23, 2009


"...though I spilled my store of ink, you need not trouble to send more, as one of the men has shown me an ingenious receipt for a serviceable substitute made from the season's last blackberries. So am I able to send 'sweet words' to you!" ("March" by Geraldine Brooks)

Greetings of Peace Dear Readers:

Eid Mubarak and sweet words to you all/Ameen.

... The season's last berries.

In my area of Pennsylvania, our early summer was cool. My tomatoes didn't turn red until late August due to lack of hot, humid days and nights.

My berries bushes that I planted last fall didn't give me berries right away either. Since I just planted the bushes last year, I figured I wouldn't get many berries until next year.

But, just as the tomatoes were at their last, an infusion of berries appeared. I have been getting a pint or so every other day. Insha Allah next year will be a real huge harvest!

Here are this year's:



zanjabil said...

Masha'Allah what a blessing it is to be able to grow your own food ;)

iMuslimah said...

Eid Kareem sister!

Mashaallah, a true lesson inpaitence huh? Allahs bounty is a true gift, how fitting after a month of fasting.

Hugs from iBaby and I :)


Stacy K. said...

Beautiful! We got quite a few blackberries here in OR. I just got done making jam with them. They were so sweet I only added 3 cups of sugar to 5 quarts of berries!

otowi said...

Eid Mubarak!

I'm still getting a few tomatoes, and squash - but I've no berries here - they look lovely!

Ms.Unique said...

Assalamualikum Sis,

Hope U had a Belated Eid ... Masha Allah those berries are just soooooo nice :)

Saaleha said...

yumm, yumm. look so scrummy. raspberries?