Wednesday, March 12, 2008


As shots of celebratory gunfire continue to be heard in certain sectors of New York, Governor Eliot Spitzer is set to announce his resignation this morning.

Governor Spitzer has been implicated as being a client of an international prostitution ring, among other possible legal charges.

This is a man who claimed to be interested in combating the sexual exploitation of women. He was instrumental in passing anti sex traffic legislation. He pursued and prosecuted prostitutes and prostitution rings in his career as New York District Attorney.

All the while, evidence suggests that he is no stranger to being a regular "john".

Why is everyone so surprised at this revelation? The news has been described as amazing, tragic, stunning, shocking, unbelievable, etc.

Anyone who has been involved with the criminal justice system, as I have for many years, can tell you that nothing a person can do is ever beyond surprise. I have seen and heard thing that can make your hair curl.

What does surprise me is that the Governor can hold two news conferences, apologize at one, and resign at the other, yet never admit to us what he actually did! Of course, he copped out by not taking any questions from the media, probably his last vestige of control, while his whole world and that of his family is falling apart.

Are some people shocked because of the hope placed in the Governor? After all, he won the election for governor by a large majority. He promised New Yorkers that he would clean up the state. His entire political platform was based on ethics.

What is extremely disappointing is the hypocrisy of some politicians.

And do we have to again be exposed to salacious details of a politician's sex life? Remember Bill Clinton? His famous denial of sexual relations with his White House intern? And Larry Craig? And the public restroom details? There is such a thing TMI (too much information).

However, Governor Spitzer is no different than those he prosecuted, or those who went to jail or who now have criminal records due to his zeal in taking them down for what he himself was doing.

Am I surprised? No. Just disgusted. Again.


Anonymous said...

AsallamAlaikum Sis S2S,

I believe alot of us are disgusted and I really think that unfortunately things like this will become more common than uncommon in our government.Not just the use of a prostitute but greed and lies in general.I think its time Americans remember who the "Government" is and thats US!We elected them!Just needed to get that off my chest!Thanks!TinaAhmat


Anonymous said...

AsallamAlaikum S2S,

I just had to say I told you so!Today on my way to taking my son to preschool I was listening to (NPR) National Public Radio and they said that the mayor of Detroit,Michigan is going to be asked to resign.I believe they said he's been in office for 6 years,well evidentally in 2002 he decided to throw a party at the Mayors House and it involved strippers!Guess he spent $2000.00 on the tax payers credit card to pay for this party.Also they said his wife showed up to the party and assaulted one of the strippers!Once this party was being investigated by the police,the mayor fired the two officers in charge of the investigation evidentally thinking it would put an end to the investigation.Like I said it will become more common.Thanks for letting me vent!TinaAhmat


Safiyyah said...

Wa Alaikum As Salaam Tina:

Wow; I had heard they were after him for some other indiscretions, but I didn't know about what you posted. I think Barak Obama is my last hope!

Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

LOL! S2S I think he's (Obama) everyones last hope!:)

Amina said...

i feel discourtesy to politics...seems to be same s... everywhere

Progressive Pinhead said...

I saw your exchange with the Kahanists. They seem to only value human life if that life has the same color skin and religon as they do.

I really like your blog I'm going to make a point of reading it on a regular basis.

Safiyyah said...

Hello Young Activist (and everyone else!):

You are right.

I left a nice comment promoting peace on one of their blogs and one of their commentors called me a pig, Ya Allah!

I saw on the news today that some Israelis went over into the Muslim area and created havoc, destroying property, etc., due to their rage and grief behind the Torah student attacks. I don't blame them for being so angry, but today they did exactly what they accuse Muslims of doing with our frustration, rage, and anger. It so unfortunate on both sides.