Thursday, January 17, 2008

Britney Spears - Converting to Islam???!!!

As I was waiting in line at the grocery store today, my eyes scanned the usual collection of magazines.

One, however, JUMPED out at me: OK! Weekly (1/28/08).

The front cover headlines screamed:

"Britney's Shocking Decision: Trying to Get Pregnant"

OK - ready for the rest?!

"Losing her boys, BRIT plans to have more children and convert to Islam for her married lover."


The lucky "brother" is 35 year old, married, paparazzo Adnan Ghalib.

OK!'s Cover Story writers, Mary Ann Norbom and Shauna Bass write:

"According to Britain's News of the World, Baptist-born Britney has told pals she's willing to adopt Adnan's Islam faith. (The singer has a history of turning to religion in times of crisis and was spotted crying at the Little Brown Church in Van Nuys, Calif., following her Jan. 14 court hearing.) A relative of Adnan reportedly told the newspaper, 'Although his father has disowned him, there is still a way back - if Britney became a Muslim and they got married.' Britney certainly seems willing."

However, a News of the World story reports that Adnan Ghalib's family are very distraught about the whole affair (

"Now we can reveal that Ghalib's respectable Sunni Muslim family in Birmingham are so horrified by his antics that they have disowned him.

One family member told us: "His parents Ghalib and Saghra are devastated. This week his dad gave him an ultimatum, ‘Give up Britney, or you are dead to me,' which Adnan ignored."

They also report that the photographer told his friend that he and Britney had "deep feelings" and have discussed marriage.

So does this mean that Britney will become a co-wife?

Will she wear hijab?

Hey! Who knows?

A story to watch. Allah (swt) can do anything!


Anonymous said...

hahahahaha News of the World is the worst tabloid rag in the world, owned by, who else, Rupert Murdoch. :) It makes for a good headline, though.

Ya Haqq!

Safiyyah said...

ROFLOL - I know, Brother Irving! I couldn't resist!

Houda said...

how many people do i know who 'converted' to Islam in order to marry? More than I can count on one hand! To them its just a few words they say. Nothing more.

I am not surprised with this story. If it is true that is.

أبو سنان said...

I dont know, if she does I hope she leaves this guy as soon as possible.

If she is taking her cue as to what Islam is about from this guy she will have it all wrong. Drinking, drugs, parties, sex outside of wedlock? This guy wouldnt know Islam from tree worship.

It would seem the most "Muslim" thing about him is his name.

Sad to say, but if she does convert it will be sad "now she has really lost her mind".

Anonymous said...

Yes, some people may revert to Islam so that they can marry someone, yet neither you or I are knower’s of the unseen, hence we do not know what the heart contains. And how many Muslims who reverted for the sake of marriage ended up being really good Muslims, perhaps encouragement instead of the questioning of a person’s sincerity would go a long way.

Adventurous Ammena said...

hmm, we will see.. thanks for posting.

Safiyyah said...

As Salaamu Alaikum Everyone:

Oh Brother Uthmaan: you are SOOO correct. Insha Allah I haven't come across as making fun or her. I just couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the article, gossip rag or not. That's why I was saying that Allah (swt) can do ANYTHING, Alhamdulillah.

Yes, let us say dua for her and for all of us/Ameen.

iMuslimah said...

Salaams Safiyyah!

Interesting post, well acutally all of your posts are interesting and I am having trouble tearing myself away!

This one caught my eye, because of the bane "Adnan". Hubs and I were considering it for our soon to be baby boy inshaallah. But now, we are having second thoughts because of the tabloids.

And- to Aboo Uthmaan, thank you for the reminder, you are sooooo spot on about new muslims. We can never really know what lies in the heart of another.