Thursday, March 29, 2007

Hijab: Symbol of Oppression and Islamic Extremeism?

This is Faye Turney. She is one of the British marines taken hostage by the Iranians a few days ago. She is one of the latest non Muslim women taken hostage, put in hijab, and paraded before the media and the world. What message are the Iranians trying to convey? I think it is one of humiliation. They couldn't have picked a more unflattering photo of Ms. Turney. The Iranians have indeed turned the hijab, a symbol Muslim women worldwide choose to wear for modesty and to please Allah (swt), into a symbol of oppression and humiliation. Ms. Turney did not choose to wear this hijab. Ms. Turney: I am so sorry.


Safiya Outlines said...


I'm sorry too, sorry and angry, that she has been paraded in this way and that they turn the hijab, which to me is a beautiful sign of a Muslim women's submission to Allah swt, into a form of punishment.

I came from Abu Sinan's blog. Nice blog, masha Allah.

otowi said...

I was going to say the same thing as Safiya!

Anonymous said...

Hostage?!?! Uh, what the hell were the Brits doing in Iranian waters?! These brits looked a hell of a lot more comfortable then the people at Abu Gharib.

ummahzy said...

To take it a step further, leaving the hijabs forced on prisoners, how about the ones worn by some Iranian women.

I worked at an English language school frequented by Iranians and I must say that many of them can't wait to rip off their scarves. It's almost embarassing to see the way some wear it so that it slips off frequently. I place the blame on the way the government shoves Islam down their throats. THERE IS NO COMPULSION IN ISLAM. It breaks my heart to see some of the Iranian girls in my class who tell their non-Muslim classmates that "well, yeah, I'm Muslim, but not really"